How to choose thermometers for retail food service.

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Case Study: Pizza shop in Pakenham. The shop is Maloneys Pakenham Pizza 54 John St Pakenham Maloneys.

The Checktemp remote probe thermometer from Hanna Instruments has the probe on a 1 m cable. This means the thermometer can be used around the shop for spot checking temperatures for example in the pizza bar. Read about this thermometer in the thermometers section Checktemp remote probe thermometer. The whole thermometer can be placed inside a fridge or the coolroom.

Checktemp remote probe thermometer.

To measure temperatures in a freezer only put the probe into the freezer and sit the thermometer outside usually on top of the freezer. The only problem with this is that the thermometer has to be moved each time to take a measurement.

The Checkfridge thermometer is a more convenient solution for taking temperatures in a coolroom or freezer. This has a magnetic backing and a long cable so it can be left in place on the outside the freezer with the probe inside. These thermometers are affordable enough so that one thermometer can be dedicated to each fridge or freezer. Its easier this way to fill in the daily temperature / safety record sheets as its simply a matter of reading off the temperature. The Checkfridge is Checkfridge thermometer.


Checkfridge thermometer.

When checking the temperature of foods like chicken after they have passed through the pizza oven a convenient solution is the Checktemp direct probe thermometer. See details at Checktemp direct probe thermometer. Because the probe is fixed, taking temperatures is a one handed operation. The same thermometer can be used to test pasta dishes like lasagne and any other foods after they have been through the oven to make sure the contents are all up to the minimum required cooking temperature of 75 deg C. Either the Checktemp fixed or remote probe thermometer can be used to find out if pre cooked food is cool enough to go back into the fridge.


Checktemp direct probe thermometer.

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