Featured meters: The Hanna Instruments HI98127 pHep 4 & HI98128 pHep 5 pH/temperature testers.

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The pHep series of testers make taking pH readings simple. reliable and easy.

The bonus is that these testers measure temperature from 0 to 60 deg C and, use this readin to automatically adjust the pH reading to account for temperature - which means accuracy.

There are two models to choose from. Both measure pH from 0 to 14. The pHep 4 has a resolution of 0.1 pH unit which is enough for most applications, but the pHep 5 gives a resolution of 0.01 unit. Accuracy in testers means how well the tester is showng you the true value. Accuracy for the pHep 4 is +/- 0.1 unit and for the pHep 5 it is +/- 0.05 units.

The great thing about these testers which makes life much easier is that they have automatic calibration. This means that when they are dipped in a calibration solution they recognise the solution automatically and ajust their readings. You can use one calibration solution or for more accuracy use two solutions. The testers recognise two calibration sets. The pH 4.01, .01 and 10.01 sets and the pH 4.01, 6.86 and 9.18 sets.

Here are some other good reasons you should choose a pHep tester:
* They are waterproof and will even float
* Battery level indicator and automatic shut off to save battery
* pH and temperature are displayed at the same time on the dual level display
* Replaceable pull out electrode cartridge

Testers come with full instructions and batteries ready to be put to work. Add this to Hanna Instruments 1 year warranty on waterproof testers and you have a mean machine. Congratulations on choosing an pHep tester!

For pricing and specifications see pHep testers in our catalogue.

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