Mini guides to measurements in food, water and products.

Home page.


HACPP and food quality. HACCP.

Choice of thermometers in a fast food outlet Thermometers.


Soil testing.

Rapid soil / soilless and hydroponics testing with test strips. Rapid soil tests.

Reactive soil organic carbon by permanganate digestion - method. Reactive SOM test.

Reactive soil organic carbon by permanganate digestion - calculations. Reactive SOM calculations.


Finding the right test.

Some solutions for testing problems. Testing solutions.


Testing solutions for selected industries.

Testing solutions for Aquaculture.

Testing solutions for Brewing


Interpreting water tests.

About conductivity and salinity. Salinity.

Our booklet which explains the many different tests we do on water. What do your water test results mean?


Bacteria in water.

Why you should test for Aeromonas bacteria in drinking water Aeromonas.

Brief introduction to types of bacteria in water and the tests used to detect them. Bacteria in water.

How you can test for bacteria in your drinking water. Home water quality kits.

Testing for E coli and coliforms. E coli and coliforms.

This method tests for the 3 most important indicators of water quality. ECA Check membrane filtration.

You can test for E coli at home. This step by step guide shows how. Easygel step by step.


Popular meters and testers.

Value tester from Hanna Instruments, the pH / EC Combo tester. Combo.

Conductivity testing made easy with the DiST 5 and DiST 6 testers. Hanna DiST series testers.

Easy pH measurements for farms, aquariums, pools with the Hanna Instruments waterproof pHep series. pHep 4 and pHep 5 testers.


Water testing.

Here's why you should start testing your water. Tells how to do it. Water testing 101.

Rapid water testing with test strips. Water test strips.

Overview of major categories of test strips. Test strips.

The two most important factors in water testing. Test these first.

For teachers and students. Strategies for tackling water studies Water studies - get involved!

Experimental design and practical aspects of choosing tests. Testing solutions for water studies.


Tech Dept. Individual parameters explained.

How to test for alkalinity in water.

How to test for ammonia in water.

How to test for chlorine in water.

How to test for hardness in water.

Using conductivity to measure salts in soil and water conductivity in soil and water.

How to test for peracetic acid and peroxide in water.

How to test for nitrates and nitrites in water.


Testing solutions.

How to test for salts in soil and water testing solutions for salts.

Testing solutions for dissolved oxygen.

Testing solutions for chlorine.


Water treatments.

Guide to choosing water treatments. Water filters and treatments.


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