Like to get involved? Apps Labs will needs mentors for up-coming courses.

Do you have

  • Practical experience
  • Qualifications
  • Teaching experience?

Tradition says we should look for someone with all 3 but when it all boils down we will look for someone who:

  • Will take a client on a learning journey leveraging their own (mentor’s) experiences
  • Will emphasize connections between topics / ideas
  • Can help a client to build their own knowledge rather than try to solve problems for them
  • Emphasizes problem solving and enquiry-based learning
  • Is client centred and sees your role as being a facilitator in learning.
  • Where possible, provides experiences or guides a client’s study to encourage deeper learning
  • Focuses on practical outcomes for the client

A mentor is a person who will work with and support a client to achieve practical or definable goals. Mentors will be provided with module outlines and resources. See the list of current and proposed modules at Modules. Mentors will be encouraged to help with new module development and will be rewarded for materials development and of course for acting as a mentor!

The goals of Apps Labs courses are: to provide the knowledge base and to facilitate learning to support sustainable farming, agriculture and horticulture. At the same time we want people to have fun, enjoy farming or horticulture, achieve a benefit by doing so but to be focused on protecting the productive capacity of land.

We are likely to need mentors in the following areas. Animal husbandry, animal health, production horticulture, lifestyle farming, gardening, cropping, food sustainability, specialty food crops, farm financial management … add your ideas and interests here!