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At Apps Laboratories we help people interpret their test results by providing notes which explain the tests and their implications for treatments and management.

Have you had a water test? View or download our booklet What do your water test results mean? (.doc format) Updated Oct 2012.

Have you had a soil test? Soil test interpretations (.doc format) Explains how soil tests are carried out, how to understand your test results and how testing relates to soil fertility management. Updated Aug 2012.

Tim Apps' PhD thesis Model based diagnosis of acid base disturbances in natural waters. This thesis describes a way to start investigating causes of water quality problems by analysing the pH buffer system.

Some more resources on this website:

Links to some useful resources and services. Links.

A selection of short articles including: bacteria in water, HACCP and choosing test instruments. Mini guides.

The following sample reports from Apps Labs can be downloaded in PDF format. You will need a pdf reader such as Acrobat Reader to view them.

1. Soil quality and fertility test. (This test is under review.) Apps Laboratories provides support for managing soils through in-house tests for organic matter components and some physical factors and outsourced testing for comprehensive nutrients and microbial profiles. Importantly, we work with clients to ensure soil test results are utilized as part of overall farm production and management strategies. We also provide support and the necessary kits and instruments and methods to assist farmers / managers to complement and extend outsourced testing with their own on-site testing.

2. Rural water test report which gives physical and chemical factors as well as selected salts and nutrients. This report is for a plant nursery so phosphate and nitrate are included in place of iron and manganese because the issues are more to do with water quality management as well as suitability for irrigation.Click here.

3. Basic water quality test plus Bacteria water quality test. This is a report which focuses on 'quality factors' and because of that can be usefully applied in a variety of situations including drinking water, process water irrigation water etc. The example is for a spring fed water tank.Click here.


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