Featured meter The Hanna Instruments HI98311 DiST5 & HI98312 DiST6 EC/TDS/temperature testers.

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The DiST5 and DiST6 conductivity testers are an excellent choice if you need to measure salinity in irrigation water, water supplies and hydroponics solutions.

They are designed to be easy to use. For example to calibrate the tester dip the tester into the calibration solution, select calibration mode, wait till the tester tells you it has finished then switch bask to measurement mode - its all automatic!

For the DiST5 use a 1413 microS/cm solution and for the DiST6 use the higher range 12.88 milli S/cm calibration solution.

There are two models available. The DiST5 measures to 4000 microS/cm and the DiST6 measures from 0 up to 20 milli S/cm. For help in matching up testers to salinity ranges see selecting meters.

Now lets look at some of the features which make the DiST series so versatile - and popular.

* These testers are waterproof and will even float if they are accidently dunked.
* Quickly switch between conductivity (EC) or TDS values displayed.
* Set the TDS factor to suit different types of water.
* If the clog resistant graphite probe should ever need changing, slip in a new cartridge. The code for this is HI73311.
* Automatic temperature compensation. For ultimate flexibility the actual compensation factor can be altered to suit conditions.
* See the temperature displayed at alongside the conductivity.
* Shows when you need to change batteries and will even prevent inaccurate measurements if the battery is too low.
* Measures to 60 deg C.
* Easy to follow, menu driven push button controls.
* Full instructions included.

Read all about taking salinity measurements salinity page.


For pricing and specifications see DiST5 testers in our catalogue.

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