How to test your water for E coli, general coliforms and total bacteria.

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How safe is your water? You may be unwittingly sharing it with a variety of little critters called bacteria. It's true, not all bacteria are baddies. Trouble is how do you know which ones you've got?

Apps Laboratories can test your water for E coli, General Coliforms, Total Count (Aerobic plate count) and Aeromonas spp. Even better, you can do all these tests yourself at home with our selection of bacteria test kits. See Bacteria Test Kits. These include membrane filtration kits.

The Home Water Quality test kit lets you figure it out at home by yourself! Here's how. Your kit is really a 3 in one kit because it will tell you how many E coli (those pesky fecal bacteria), general coliforms (those not so pesky common sometimes intestinal bacteria) and total bacteria you've got.

For more info on bacteria and how to use this type of kit read the section How to use the Coliscan kits.

There are 5 separate tests. Three show E coli and coliforms and the other 2 show total bacteria. The Home water kit is best for getting some good solid basic information on whether you've got a bacteria problem or not.

Again, kits come with full instructions and guides on how to interpret what you see on the plates.

This sample in this photo was tested using the coliforms test kit. Coliform colonies show up as blue green spots and are easy to count. You can buy this kit to test your own water. See Test Kits / Bacteria tests.

Like to see how the kits work? Just click here for a step by step guide with pictures Easygel step by step.

Checkout the help page for identifying colonies Coliscan Colour Guide.

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