How to identify bacterial colonies using Coliscan Easygel.

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This is a photo of a plate containing colonies of E coli and some other coliforms and bacteria. It was obtained using the Micrology Laboratories Coliscan Easygel kit. These kits are available in Australia. See our section Bacteria test kits.

The colour guide below will help you to pick the different bacteria based on their colours. The photo and Colour guide are adapted from Micrology Labs notes. We (Apps Labs) supply detailed instructions on collecting samples, preparing the plates and interpreting the colonies with all the kits ordered. Our experience is that the Micrology Labs kits are extremely well developed and presented and produce much more useful results than some (not so) comparable products. They are easy to use and the colours show up well which makes identification easy. Their major advantage is that they provide actual figures on number of bacteria (CFU's) per volume of water. Because they are easy to use and cost relatively little per test they make it easy for just about anybody to test their own drinking water.

Check out our other help pages for information on choosing and using the Easygel test kits How to test your water for bacteria, Coliscan Easygel kits and Choosing bacteria test kits.

Remember if you are using the new ECA Check method with your Membrane Filter kit then refer to the ECA Check colour guide at ECA Check colour guide.


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