Farm water test

This module is for a Domestic, stock and irrigation test. This water test is carried out by ALS Global. Includes assistance with sampling and submitting sample (by negotiation, if required). Allow 4 hrs for sampling, discussing results and developing a preliminary management plan with your mentor. Cost $220. Mentor Dr Tim Apps

Factors in the test:
pH, conductivity, turbidity, calcium, magnesium, potassium, hardness, sodium, manganese, iron, nitrate, chloride, sodium absorption ratio.

An extension of this test is the Complete water test for sensitive crops. This includes the Domestic, stock and irrigation test but adds alkalinity, boron and sulphate to give a more complete picture of salts profile. $250.

Resources: How to interpret your water test results.
Interpreting your water test results.? (.doc format) Download from Apps Labs site.