Complete soil test

Course details:
This module is for a complete soil nutrients and physical factors test. It will be carried out by a third party lab Agvita in Devonport. Your mentor will work with you to interpret the results and develop a nutrition plan. Includes assistance with sampling and submitting sample (by negotiation depending on distance).

Cost $220. The Module cost includes the cost of the Lab analysis. Allow 4 hrs for sampling and developing the nutrient plan. Mentor Dr Tim Apps

Factors in the test:

Nutrients: potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sulphur, boron, copper, zinc, manganese, iron, chloride

Physical: pH (water and CaCl2), total carbon, total nitrogen, carbon // nitrogen ratio, electrical conductivity, electrochemical stability index, CECe (including exchangable acidity Al&H) (meq/100g and % of CECe), Base saturation, M3-PSR P Saturation Ratio (P Buffer Capacity), lime requirement, organic matter (calculated), sodium (ppm Na) and exchangeable sodium (% = ESP, and meq/100g).

Outcomes: Collect and submit soil samples to a testing lab. Use guides provided by the testing lab and additional resources provided for interpreting soil test results to assess the ability of the soil to support your chosen type of farming or gardening. With the support of your mentor summarize nutrient shortages or imbalances, physical hazards, organic matter and fertility. Also with the support of your mentor develop a preliminary nutrition plan that takes into account the soil test results.

Have you had a soil test? Soil test interpretations (.doc format) Explains how soil tests are carried out, how to understand your test results and how testing relates to soil fertility management.

Fertilising plan for a dairy farm. (pdf format) This is the preliminary fertilising plan for a dairy farm at Ranceby in SW Gippsland. It is based on a soil test and allows for the contribution of nutrients from cow manure. Based on this information and after setting production goals the plan discusses foliar and granular fertiliser options and includes information on commercial products and formulations and calculations for application rates.