Featured meters: The Hanna Instruments Primo 2 TDS and Primo 5 EC testers.

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Whether your application is Environmental monitoring, testing drinking or irrigation water, Education or specialist areas like Aquaculture, the Primo range of TDS and EC stick testers offer affordable but good value entry level conductivity testing.


Now there is no excuse for not being able to measure conductivity wherever you are. Conductivity is a neat indicator of salts in water. TDS is a convenient way to record salts as on a weight basis - called Total Dissolved Salts. For a quick introduction to testing salinity just skip to our salinity page.

Lets look at these testers in more detail. First the Primo 2. This tester measures TDS from 0 - 1999 ppm. This more low range for example irrigation water levels. The accuracy is 1 ppm. The Primo 2 also measures temperature in deg C from 0 - 60 with 0.1 deg accuracy.

The Primo 5 is a real conductivity tester, which displays conductivity in micro S/cm. It measures from 0 - 1999 micro S/cm with an accuracy of 1 microS/cm. A great feature of both testers is that they automatically compensate for temperature so you know your readings will be reliable in water from 0 to 60 deg C.

Don't forget to calibrate your testers. The Primo 2 uses 1382 ppm calibration solution and the Primo 5 uses 1413 micro S/cm solution. Calibrating your tester is easy as both testers automatically recognise their particular calibration solution and ajust accordingly.

Using these testers is easy with simple push button operation for taking readings and calibration.

Here's a tip: just say your sample water is saltier than the tester can measure. Just call by the supermarket next time you're in town, buy some distilled water (its fairly cheap) then use it to dilute a sample - say 50 : 50. This will double your measurable range. Just multiply your readings by 2. (Use your tester to check that the distilled water is under the conductivity the manufacturers guarantee). The distilled water can also be used to wash your tester's probe after each use to make sure it stays accurate.

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