Featured meters: The Hanna Instruments HI98107 & HI98108 pH testers.

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For cost effective pH measurements don't go past the pHep range. ep stands for electronic paper which refers to the large easy to read display.

There are two main testers in this range. The pHep - HI98107 is the red tester. This measures pH from 0 - 14 with a resolution of 0.1 unit.

pHep+ is the white tester and this model adds automatic temperature compensation so you know you have repeatability in measurements.

For greater accuracy both testers have two point calibration. This means that you start with a pH 7.01 calibration solution. Dip the tester into the solution then make any adjustment necessary with the small screwdriver supplied. Repeat using either the pH 4.01 solution or the 10.01 pH solution depending on which general range of pH values you will be testing.

Both testers feature the innovative replenishable non clogging fibre junction. This means that the electrode has a longer life because you can periodically extend the pull-out junction in the electrode.


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