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How to order

How to order from Apps Laboratories.

For your convenience here are different ways to order from us.

How to get a soil or water test - see below.

New. Use the secure shopping cart section of this website to place an order.

Print, fill out and fax an order form to us.

For a web page order form which you can print and fax click here.

You can pay by credit card - Visa or Mastercard. Fill in details on the order form. Faxing the order form with CC details is preferable. Alternatively we will accept cheques made out to Apps Laboratories.

Direct deposits are a convenient and secure payment option that we can accept. Please ask for a pro forma invoice in a fax or email order or at the Shopping Cart using the comment box. The invoices include banking details.

Postal charges: If you use our shopping cart postage will be calculated automatically. However if you prefer a quote for freight or have a question about freight charges just select Pickup option on the shopping cart and add a request in the comments box. If you use the web page order form you will find a brief guide to postal charges. If unsure about postage please ask us for a quote. In any case we always select the most cost effective method and will advise you if the freight is going to be more than you expected.

Prices: All prices on this website are in Australian $ (AUD). Prices include 10% domestic GST. International prices are GST free.

Contact details: Mobile phone is 0474 721 447. Delivery and postal address is 1030 Korumburra Warragul Rd, Ranceby Vic 3951.

Remember you can ring or email for helpful advice if you are not sure what to order.

Enquiries: Do you need a quote or perhaps have a question? Send an email enquiry if you need a quotation or extra product information email enquiry form.

Here's how to order laboratory analyses:

Select the testing options from the products and services pricelist starting at Soil testing or Water testing. If you are unsure about what tests to choose ring us first on 0474 721 447 to talk over the issues. We often customise tests because each situation is different so get in touch and ask for a quote. For your convenience order your tests using our Order form.

Please tell us some details about the sample. For water samples tell us what you want to do with the water, what problems you are experiencing, how the water is stored, what you are trying to find out about your water, and of course where the water is from eg a dam, bore etc. Click here to view and print the form in htm format.

Please include a fax or phone number so we can get results to you quickly or contact you about a particular sample.

Water samples

How to take and send samples. For water samples which are to be tested for irrigation, stock, general farm use or drinking (but not bacteria testing - see below), fill a plastic bottle previously used for bottled drinking water. Use a bottle that has previously held spring or pure water not a bottle that has held any type of mineral water or fortified sports drink. Rinse it well with the actual sample water before finally filling it. Try to fill the container completely so there is no air inside (this is because we routinely test for gases like carbon dioxide so need to exclude air). Alternatively use one of our water sample bottles. For bacterial analysis use our sterile sample bottles. Many pharmacies and chemist shops now carry sterile sample bottles. The 50 ml bottles can hold enough water for bacteria screening tests. Order a bacteria water test starting at Bacteria tests for water. To take water samples for bacteria testing be very careful to keep fingers away from the bottle opening or inside of the lid. Fill from a tap or from the source if possible and not from another container.

Soil samples

For soils we only require about 500 grams of soil (about 6 ozs). Take at least 5 - 6 sub samples from around your garden or paddock. Take samples from areas where you will be growing your veges or crop etc. Ask the question, "What is a representative area or sample?" Most of the time we will be interested in what's happening in the root zone so for most pastures, cropping soils and gardens etc this will usually be in the first 10 cm (4 inches). Ring if you are not sure where to sample. Sub samples for a single area can be mixed to give a representative sample. Package your sample in sealed plastic bags such as Zip lock bags. One bag inside the other is more secure. Post to Apps Laboratories, 1030 Korumburra Warragul Rd, Ranceby Vic 3951. Express Post is preferred. Include our phone number 0474 721 447.

Here is the information you'll need to include:

Your name, address, property name if applicable, contact phone and email if available, sample identification eg paddock number, sampling date, crop type or application. To help us choose the best tests please give any background information such as type of farm (products), fertilizer or management history, problems being encountered or crop planned. If you have any questions please ring Dr Tim on 0474 721 447 to discuss any details prior to sampling.

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