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Mt Erica trip 2012

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Another successful trip up Mt Erica this year. As you can see conditions were a bit wintery. But hey, we’re tough. We can battle through blizzards and snow drifts .. as long as there is a warm fire we can retreat to back at the Hut!

Mount Erica summit 2012There was plenty of hot discussion about the issues of the day and we resolved a few problems of national significance .. but we forgot to write it down!

There are a few memorial plaques appearing around the rock outcrops. One of the newer ones our group helped to install was for Graham Cook. Graham was a Senior Sergeant of Police at Morwell and Moe and was involved in numerous searches in the High Country during his career.

On Sunday morning a fresh light blanket of snow lay around the Hut, a sight not seen by some for quite a while.

Mt Erica trip 2011

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

Have just got back from the latest ex Rovers trips to Mt Erica. This year we had 6 starters. We were more adventurous with our walks this year, exploring round Mushroom Rocks and the NBW hut. Night-times were taken up reminiscing about the good old times like huddling around the tiny wood fire to keep warm. But things have changed, the Hut (Chalet) now has a gas stove, solar lighting and very tasteful drapes. However because of our ages alcohol is now only taken for medicinal purposes. Mushroom Rocks is still North of the Hut.

Mt Erica summit August 2011

Mt Erica summit August 2011

Trip to Mt Erica

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Last weekend I joined a few of my ex Rover friends from the Yallourn Capt Hurley Rover Crew on a trip up “The Mountain”. The mountain is Mt Erica in Gippsland. Most of us are in our late 50’s or early 60’s. We have mostly known each other for over 40 years.

Mt Erica Aug 09

Our numbers were a bit down this year but here are the diehards at the summit of Mt Erica.

The Captain Hurley Rover crew built the JW McMahon hut on Mt Erica over many years starting from 1938. Its a basic but comfortable mountain retreat. It has given generations of scouts and other groups the opportunity to take time out in a relatively unspoilt and remote area in a safe way. From Mt Erica we can look down on the expansive Latrobe Valley with its several coal fired power stations. So close but a world away. The water on the mountain tends to be fairly clear with relatively low numbers of bacteria. In other similar hilly areas I’ve measured low organics in water using UV but this is mostly humic material.

There wasn’t much snow around this year. Global warming perhaps? Its often difficult to use scientific knowledge to prove that one factor is causing another so arguments tend to go round in circles. In the medical field there have been attempts to move towards a type of diagnosis that attempts to describe the patient’s current ‘situation’ and to infer how the patient’s overall condition has developed. Its like trying to explain something and the explanation is a model that is further tested and refined. Part of that refinement is through the treatments themselves.  Perhaps environmental problems could be tackled the same way.

We spent a pleasant couple of days together with no electricity (well except for batteries to play the iPod), no emails, no showers and only the company of Boris the resident Lodge rat.