Featured meter: The Hanna Instruments HI98501 Checktemp temperature tester.

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The best thing about the Checktemp tester is that it is easy to use and much more convenient than the old mercury in glass thermometers.

We use one of these around the lab for quick measurements on just about anything. Response time is good and the tester gives good accuracy. To see how thermometers can be used in the food industry see Thermometers.

For all those measurements between -50 deg C and + 150 deg C just leave it to the Checktemp.

The Checktemp comes with a 100 mm probe which is pointy so it is great for checking the temperature in soils or even in Grandma's meat pies (just remember to wipe between uses). We use ours to check the temperature of water samples so our tests can be done reliably.

The Checktemp has another nifty feature - called cal check. Just flip open the battery cover, switch the little switch inside and the tester will register as close to zero as it can get, usually within 0.3 of a deg C. Very reassuring!

Now if that wasn't too much to handle, the Checker is very reasonably priced - in fact its a steal!

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