Featured meters: The Hanna Instruments HI98103 Checker 1 & HI98105 Checker 5 pH testers.

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Fast and accurate probably best describes the Checker range of pH testers. Add cost effective and versatile and you're getting the picture.

There are two main models. The Checker 1 is the entry level model. It has a combination pH electrode which can be unscrewed and replaced if necessary, therefore making the Checker a versatile tester. The Checker 3 comes complete with a full sized high quality pH electrode.

If you need a different electrode for a new application just change electrodes on your Checker! This means you can get great value out of your initial purchase. Use the tester with different or new probes!

The Checker 1 is called the HI98103 and it uses the HI1270 pH probe.
The Checker 3 is called the HI98105 and uses the HI1208 full sized combination gel filled pH electrode. This has a BNC connector. The Checker 3 features automatic temperature compensation so you know your pH measurements are reproduceable.

Pictured - the Checker 1. This is a screw type connector so you can replace the standard electrode with any other screw type electrode.

Accuracy? Because the Checkers use fully independent electrodes accuracy is assured. All standard models offer 0.01 pH unit accuracy.

To calibrate the Checkers select 2 calibration solutions for the expected range of measurements. For each calibration solution dip the probe then use a small scewdriver to adjust the matching screw on top of the tester.

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