Multi factor urine analysis with Macherey Nagel Medi-Test strips.

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Rapid test strips for urine testing are a quick and cost effective way to screen for or detect diabetes, metabolic abnormalities, liver diseases, biliary and hepatic obstructions, hemolytic diseases and diseases of kidney and urinary tract. Examples are the Macherey Nagel Medi-Test Combi 10 SGL screening test strips.

The Combi 10 SGL strips are for rapid determination of blood, urobilinogen, bilirubin, protein, nitrite, ketones, glucose, pH-value, density and leukocytes in urine.

Rapid testing means results after 30 - 60 seconds (Leukocye test 60 - 120 seconds).

Multifactor test strips are valuable as screening tests. Remember that results have to be interpreted within the context of the patient's condition, medications and history.

For occassional testing select the Medi-Test Combi 10 SGL strips. These are supported by colour chart on the vials and downloadable user manual.

Macherey Nagel provide a downloadable product manual for each of their Medi-Test Combo urine analysis test strips. These provide an explanation of the methodology used for each factor, any limitations for each specific test, normal and pathological ranges and possible interferences.

Medi-Test URYXXON 10 Sticks test for the same parameters as the Medi-Test Combi 10 SGL test strips. However the URYXXON strips are specifically designed to be read by the URYXXON Reflex reflectometric reader. The Reflex improves reliability of results by objectively reading the colours on the reacted strips and interpreting and recording results. Patient ID is entered prior to testing. Processing patients is also a lot quicker and easier because the burden of interpretation and recording is reduced for medical personnel. Data that is read can be stored, searched, reviewed. Data can then be printed or transfered to a computer. The Reflex printes a report report that includes date, patient ID and results. For each parameter results are given as actual reading, a negative result or a positive result. Positive results are highlighted in the report.

See the Combi test strips at Medi-Test Combi test strips.

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