Featured meter The Hanna Instruments HI8733 Multi range conductivity meter.

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This months featured meter is the Hanna Instruments HI 8733 Multi range Conductivity meter.

The HI8733 represents a good balance of price vs benefits. It is suitable for general outdoor and indoor use specially where there are a wide range of conductivities to be measured. The meter measures conductivity. If required, TDS can be calculated by multiplying the conductivity reading in microS/cm by a TDS factor - usually between 0.5 - 0.67. See Salinity and TDS for a discussion of TDS factors.

Its main advantage is its wide measuring range - up to 200 milli S/cm. The HI8733 does this in 4 convenient stages so the accuracy remains high at about + / - 1% for all ranges. It can measure conductivity in close to deionised water up to strong brines. Just select the range from the front panel.

Conductivity measuring ranges are: 0 - 200 microS/cm, 0 - 2000 microS/cm, 0 - 20 milli S/cm and 0 - 200 milli S/cm.

Calibration is easy and is done manually using a trimmer. Select calibration solutions near to conductivities you will be measuring.

The meter comes with the HI76302 high performance 4 ring conductivity probe with built in temperature sensor. The meter automatically compensates for temperature in the solution being tested. This makes using the meter simple and gives accurate results.

The HI8733 comes with probe and 1 meter cable and a 9 V battery. Detailed instructions are included. Options include 5 m probe for remote sensing.

For pricing and specifications see Conductivity meters in our catalogue.

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