Step by step guide to using the ECA Check membrane filter kit from Micrology Laboratories.

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Now anyone can get accurate and reliable information on bacteria levels in their water.

The Micrology Laboratories ECA Check membrane filter kit distinguishes between the some of the most important bacteria which indicate water quality. These are E coli, coliforms, Aeromonas spp. For interest, ECA Check kits that test for Salmonella spp. as well as the other groups can be ordered.

Aeromonas spp are common in water supplies and are generally considered pathogenic because they can cause diseases. Their presence and numbers is generally considered to be a good indicator of water quality. Up to now water quality regulations do not usually specify maximum allowable numbers of Aeromonas spp. But the new Micrology kits mean that it is now possible to monitor these important bacteria in water supplies.

Your Membrane filter kit will contain full instructions but here is a quick step by step guide to show how the kits work.

The filter device has two halves which push together to make a seal. The upper part holds the sample. The actual filter sits in the middle. The lower half catches the filtered water. The syringe provides suction to draw the sample through the very fine filter.
First put about 1.75 ml of the ECA Check medium onto the pad inside one of the dishes using the sterile dropper.
Use a pair of tweezers to take a filter out of it's protective sleeve and place it on a support pad between the two halves of the apparatus. Push the sample container down to make a good seal and hold the filter.
Pour in the sample water to the 100 or 150 ml mark. Record how much. You can sterilise the graduated container, any other containers you use and the tweezers beforehand with methylated spirits..
Use the syringe to draw all the sample through to the lower container.
Twist the sample container off, then lift off the filter with the tweezers. Place it on the previously prepared pad containing ECA Check media in the dish. Incubate for 18 - 24 hrs then use the colour chart to identify any bacteria.

ECA Check Take a look at how the different types of bacteria appear at ECA Check colour guide. Remember if you are using the Coliscan Easygel kits or the coliforms or Total Count kits the colours will be different. Refer to the instructions for those kits. For the Coliscan easygel kits see Easygel colour guide.

See the ECA Check Membrane Filter kits in our catalogue at Bacteria test kits.

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